Sapa Town, Sapa Vietnam

The mists of Sapa Vietnam

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As well as visiting the rural villages around Sapa Vietnam, we enjoyed exploring the town itself.


Although when we arrived, we couldn’t see much more than this.


By the afternoon the mists from Mount Fansipan, Vietnam’s highest mountain, had lifted a little to create an almost spooky, yet beautiful atmosphere. Sapa itself is 1,650 metres above sea level.


The cool mountain air made Sapa popular with the French and there is a lot of colonial architecture around.


And in many ways, as this is a major tourist destination, the town felt a bit like an Alpine ski resort.


Hmong clothing on display in a Sapa boutique.


Yet step off the main tourist street and Sapa has a real working market.


And the market is a good place for a street food lunch at a super cheap price.


Dragon fruit!

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